1065 The Arch, St. Louis Kick Ass Chick

Running in the opposite direction is a smart strategy sometimes.  Our job is to separate ourselves from everything else on the dial.  This is why we talk so often about the importance of doing things with the topics of the day and in your content breaks to accomplish this.  The world is stressful and negative – being an escape from that (on most days) is a good move.  Enter Spencer’s Neighborhood, 1065 The Arch, St. Louis, who highlight the great deeds done by a local female each week in a segment called the Kick Ass Chick of the Week.  Primarily driven to help define the cast member who best identifies with this, Cassiday, the team explores the story of a female listener each week who has overcome obstacles to thrive or is giving back to the community in unique ways.  They celebrate her and remind listeners that in this world of non-stop arguing, goodness is happening all over the market.  This is smart content that works in the moment, but also defines the team’s values and attributes to new listeners just finding them.