The Halloween Marketing Plan

For a narrative arc close to Halloween, why not help a kid in the audience put together and execute a marketing plan directed at his or her neighborhood trying to convince those who live close by to give out full-sized candy bars this year?  Then come back on November...

Billy’s First Week in Prison

Do you wonder at all what Bill Cosby’s first week in prison has been like?  Great stories happen on the fringe so it might be interesting to find a listener or two who’ve done time and get them to tell you what Cosby’s life is like now.

The TJ Show, AMP 103.3, Boston Carter the Crazy Kid

One of the applications against relevant content in your arsenal is to find funny people in your orbit and figure out a reason to get them on the show.  David Letterman was a master at this and taught all of us that funny people who float in and out of a program can...
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