The Hardest on Your List

Each of us has at least one person on our holiday gift list who is impossible to buy for.  Grab that person, introduce them to the audience this week, let the audience get to know them, and then get listeners to solve your problem by suggesting gift ideas.

WRAL-FM, Raleigh Know This Or Sing the Chorus

Oftentimes, we hear from talent that length of break equals its value.  In other words, the longer the break, the more they got done.  This is wrong many times.  A shorter break plays to listeners’ attention spans, which compels all of us to prep harder to earn...

The Peleton Ad

No doubt people are talking about the Peleton ad.  Time for your version of this – which would be especially powerful on social media given it’s visual.  Re-write the ad, find an exercise bike, put your least in shape cast member on it who’ll draw...
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