B105, Cincinnati Spray Painting the Potholes

No doubt an emphasis at every radio show is social media engagement.  This requires us to not only share certain audio segments of the show on our social channels, but to develop unique content there, too.  The Big Dave Show, B105, Cincinnati do fun videos, generally centered around something local, that engage the audience.  They recently saw a news report about a local guy who spray painted orange circles around potholes so approaching motorists could steer clear of them.  They went out with the guy and helped him.  Local, fun, and highly relatable after the Cincinnati winter.  They wrap the video up with info where people can report potholes to have them fixed.  While they did use some of this audio on their show to push people to Facebook, the content mostly lived on social media and has been viewed over 14,000 times so listeners who engage them there leave the video understanding that they live in town and their sense of humor.  View the Pothole Tagging video here.