The Morning Show Mystery Question

Ask those who have listened to your show for some time to call because you have a Morning Show Mystery Question to ask.  Once on (or once you’re recording them), ask if they feel like they know you well enough that they will trust you with a password to one of their accounts.  The fun comes in the silence you’ll hear before they say no!


This week’s idea is to form a new group called WINOS:  Women In Need of Sanity.  Set up a special phone line only for women – invite them to call and vent about their life or their kids.  Air the most passionate calls and then give them admittance to the WINOS group for the rest of eternity.

Roses Are Red

With Valentine’s Day this Sunday, ask listeners to write some love poems.  Choose a different topic each time you do it (i.e. Covid, the Super Bowl, GameStop, Tom Brady, Bernie Sander’s Mittens).  The only thing they need to do is use as a first line: Roses Are Red.  They then follow the expected path of that poem we all know.  Thanks to Lexi from Lexi and Banks, K-BULL 93, Salt Lake City for this great idea.

The Star Mangled Banner

The Super Bowl comes this Sunday.  One of the highlights is the National Anthem.  Many have messed it up over the years at various venues.  Grab as many as you can on YouTube and edit together the Star Mangled Banner.  Play it each day.  First listener to tell you all the people in it wins!

The Driveway Drag Show

Why not find your market’s funniest drag queen and get them to delivery flowers to listeners each day the week of Valentine’s Day?  Produce all of these in advance so you have one great video to release each day for social media with the best audio parts for the show that morning.

Name That Quaran-Tune

With the old game show Name That Tune back on TV, do a Covid twist by pitting two listeners (or two cast members) against each other in something called Name That Quaran-Tune.  Grab some retro songs in the format, play the first few seconds, first to three points by naming artist and title wins.  This is great because listeners will play along and the retro song will be a feel good.

No More Social Media For You

The President has seemingly been banned from social media.  What’s that like?  How about you let the audience vote on who on the show should be banned from every social media platform for the balance of the week?  The twist is that the rest of you get their log-ins and can tell them small morsels of what you see on their feeds as they’re tortured not being connected.

Nana Learns the PS5

Lots of kids got PS5s for Christmas.  How about finding some kid who’s passionate about it and get them to teach their grandmother how to use it and play games?  If your kid got one, use them along with your folks.  Make sure to start the story line with everyone on-air, then record video of Nana playing for social media and air the best audio on the program.

Sucking Up to the Boss’s Wife

Need a last minute Christmas idea before the break?  Find out a lot about your boss’s wife and buy them a Cameo as a Christmas gift.  Then present it to them on your last show.  Say your budget is $35 so it’s a D-lister and do it under the banner that if your boss’s wife likes you, you’re safe from a RIF!

Re-Gift It Forward

Who wants to go Christmas shopping in the malls or even on-line with Covid?  It’s too exhausting.  Find two gifts you were given last year in the house and ask listeners to help you decide who on your list gets them.