David, Sue, and Kendra, MAGIC 106.7, Boston, The $8-Million Stimulus Check

There are stories all over the place of the odd things happening to people around the coronavirus topic.  While you should start transitioning to other kinds of content now, this topic is still relevant, especially if you’re telling a story and having fun.  Charles Calvin got what he thought was an $8-million stimulus check from the federal government instead of his expected $1600.  David, Sue, and Kendra, Magic 106.7, Boston had to hear the story.  What makes this break great is that they let him tell them the story.  Knowing all the details because of prep, they helped him move the narrative forward to its conclusion.  When interviewing anyone, I am listening for many things (is it a well-told, interesting story?  Will the audience laugh at it?  Has it been edited well?).  Chief among the things I am also listening for is how much the talent talk and how much the person being interviewed talks.  I hope for more of the latter than the former.