David, Sue, and Kendra, Magic 106.7, Boston The Toy Hall of Fame

There are very simple things you can do to make a good, very relatable break, even better.  David, Sue, and Kendra, Magic 106.7, Boston were talking about the toys that are due to be inducted into the Toy Hall of Fame.  This is very logical content, especially for their audience.  The team gets to reminisce about toys from their childhood, bringing back terrific memories for listeners.  Psychologically, retro content like this makes people feel warm and safe and reminds them of a happier time in their lives, especially now with all the craziness. What accelerates this break below and makes it even better for the audience is the simple use of audio.  They talk about a toy, and here’s audio associated with it (i.e. the TV commercial for it).  It’s in that audio that the content comes more alive and they are in a better spot to keep listeners engaged in their topic.  In every break you do, ask when mapping it out, what audio exists (or what audio can you create) that will help that break perceptually for listeners who bore easily with just conversation.