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What drives ratings? Fun, entertaining ideas that help your show connect with the audience. Innovative ideas make people notice and remember the show, give listeners a chance to talk about the program, and ultimately compel them to tune back in again because they’re afraid to miss something.

So, how about a free idea? Each Monday, come back for more great stuff, as done by Reynolds Group morning shows, which might help make your morning program more different, fun, and unique.

Innovative, fun ideas help drive additional occasions of listening.  The Reynolds Group can help make your show more innovative!  Call 919.821.4700 or e-mail here to find out how.

Game of Phones

With Game of Thrones a very Hot Topic, do a game parody thru the run of its final season called Game of Phones.  Give your contestant something one cast member searched for in Google on their cell phone and the caller must tell you which cast member did it.  For instance:  “Project Runway New Season Judges.”  Which cast member Googled that?  Thanks to Two Men and a Mom, WRAL-FM, Raleigh for this topical and character defining idea.

Granny’s Game of Thrones Death Count

Maybe the grandmother of a cast member (or co-worker, or listener) will come on each Monday during the run of the series last shows just to tell you how many people were killed (and how) in the previous night’s episode of Game of Thrones.  “Hey guys – four characters were beheaded, two got offed by a dragon, and 6 people were burned to death last night!”  Call it Granny’s Game of Thrones Death Count until the last show.  The beauty of this idea is that if you choose an entertaining grandmother, you don’t have to be a fan of the show to enjoy how this content is presented.

Mission to the Mound

Have you ever thrown out a first pitch at a baseball game?  See if a local team will let you do that and build a week long narrative arc around the idea.  The team calls on Monday to invite you so it sounds organic, throughout the week visit little league teams to practice (audio for the show and video for social media to keep it alive), talk to others who’ve done it, and then it culminates at the end of the week in your doing it.  With a recap on the next show.  Thanks to Stacey and Jonah, 1065, The Arch, St. Louis for this great summer idea.

Mr. Whiff It

With the start of baseball season, the guys on your show should invite the other guys on the air staff for a yearly competition called Mr. Whiff It.  Take everyone out to a batting cage and each guy gets ten pitches – let’s see who whiffs at the most to earn the title.  Build this organically by calling them during your show to “pitch” the idea.  Then have an online poll asking listeners to guess who’ll win.  Go one afternoon and grab video for social media and audio for the next day’s program as you crown this year’s champ.  For your production value, use Devo’s “Whip It”.

The School Play

No doubt a kid of a listener is in a middle or elementary school play in the spring.  Find one and then create a narrative where the most theatrical person on your show gets a part in the show – then make a very big deal over it, loading the audience with listeners – and treat it like a Broadway premiere.

Why Mommy Drinks

Because her kids do nothing but play Fortnight when at home.  Because her kids never pick up their room.  Because her son failed math at school.  Dana and Jayson, ALT 94.9, San Diego do a humorous weekly feature around Dana’s life called “Why Mommy Drinks.”  It’s silly fun that positions Dana as the mom on the show, with Dana recording these as she encounters them in the home then presenting them to the audience in a produced feature each week.

Your High School and College Transcripts

In his opening statement to Congress last week, Michael Cohen said that he sent threatening letters to the schools President Trump went to so they did not release his transcripts and grades to the public.  Here’s some character development for you – get your transcripts and grades and release yours the public!

Becoming Shawn Mendes

Have you seen the pictures of Shawn Mendes modeling the Calvin Klein underwear?  Have the least in shape member of the team recreate the pictures for your social media feeds to generate some digital content and possibly get it to go viral!

The Oscar Seat Filler

Listeners want to be brought inside stories – and the best people to do this are those actually in the story.  What happens when a celebrity in the audience at the Oscars (Sunday, February 24) has to use the bathroom?  The show has “seat fillers” who occupy the seat until the star returns.  Using the power of the internet, find people who’ve done this to hear what it’s like.

Where Was I Conceived?

With Valentine’s Day this week, call your parents and ask them where you were conceived!  Then, flip the script and see if listeners will call their parents on the show to ask the same question (remember to keep things legal with all calls).  Thanks to The Josie Dye Show, Indie 88, Toronto for this idea.

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