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The Monday Morning Free Idea

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What drives ratings? Fun, entertaining ideas that help your show connect with the audience. Innovative ideas make people notice and remember the show, give listeners a chance to talk about the program, and ultimately compel them to tune back in again because they’re afraid to miss something.

So, how about a free idea? Each Monday, come back for more great stuff, as done by Reynolds Group morning shows, which might help make your morning program more different, fun, and unique.

Innovative, fun ideas help drive additional occasions of listening.  The Reynolds Group can help make your show more innovative!  Call 919.821.4700 or e-mail here to find out how.

The Peep Show

With Easter just a few weeks away, time for your yearly morning show Peep Show.  Run a trivia game amongst the cast to find out who knows the most about their fellow show members (this is character development for all).  The loser must do the Peep Show where they put twenty of those candied Easter peeps in their mouth and must sing the most popular song on the radio station right now.

Celebrating the Bottom Third

Some people will gloat this week that they’re sitting atop their office pools.  The next two weeks will give you a shot to celebrate the bottom third.  Make stars out of those who have broken brackets, who sit at the bottom of their office March Madness pools!

March Madness: The Office Pool

March Madness will consume the country for the next three weeks.  For those (of us) who love basketball, it’s nirvana.  Considering it’s happening in every office, it might be fun for you to join an office pool from listeners.  Have the person who invites you in their office pool on the show each week to tell you how you’re doing.

Breaking Lent

An idea you can plan on now is inviting listeners in on the day Lent ends and they break it live on your show.  Say a listener gave up chocolate or Diet Coke…they have their first chocolate or Diet Coke live on your program when it’s over on April 13, which should result in a great reaction after not being able to have it for a long time.

Lord and Lady Douche Bag

The name of this feature might be way too edgy for your show/station.  But the concept is brilliant.  Colleen and Bradley, myTalk 107.1, Minneapolis, do a weekly feature called Lord and Lady Douche Bag where they highlight the bad behavior of a male and female celebrity, bestowing that honor on them both.  If the feature works, but the name doesn’t, simply change it as the frame to do the idea.

Fat Dog Friday

You can never go wrong talking about pets.  So how about “Fat Dog Friday” where you let listeners tell you about their fat dogs, then feature pictures of some on your website and social media feeds at the end of each week!  Why?  Because fat dogs deserve love, too!!

Do Your Grammies Know the Grammy’s?

You can do this with either the grandmothers of listeners (good) or the grandmothers of the cast (great).  Call to see, once given a category and a few nominees, if they know the winners of Sunday evening Grammy Awards.

We Wonder

We wonder…what does your spouse do for living?  We wonder…who cuts your hair and why do you go to them?  We wonder…have you ever been pulled over by the cops?  We Wonder is a new frame for phone topics that keeps you inquisitive and focused on getting stories from listeners.

Getting a Special VD

No doubt many guys will go blank trying to figure out a special Valentines Day gift for the their gal.  Find someone who has musical abilities.  The day before the holiday (a Monday), get a guy on the phone in this predicament and learn about his partner.  They then both come in the next day (the holiday) where your musician sings a custom Valentine’s Day song written as a unique gift for her and from him using the information learned the day prior.

Whatcha Haulin’?

Shows tend to complain that they cannot get calls in the 6am hour.  How about an occasional feature in that hour called “Whatcha Haulin’?”  Compliments of Two Men and a Mom, WRAL-FM, Raleigh, who open the phones early to talk to truckers, asking drivers of semis what they’re hauling.  Weird and fun.

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