The Monday Morning Free Idea

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What drives ratings? Fun, entertaining ideas that help your show connect with the audience. Innovative ideas make people notice and remember the show, give listeners a chance to talk about the program, and ultimately compel them to tune back in again because they’re afraid to miss something.

So, how about a free idea? Each Monday, come back for more great stuff, as done by Reynolds Group morning shows, which might help make your morning program more different, fun, and unique.

Innovative, fun ideas help drive additional occasions of listening.  The Reynolds Group can help make your show more innovative!  Call 919.821.4700 or e-mail here to find out how.

The Big Purchase

Trump wants to buy Greenland.  Who knew you could do that?  (Actually, we did, from history class – remember the Louisiana Purchase?)  Mount a one-week campaign to “buy” the state next to yours that listeners like the least.  Do a Go Fund Me, have an online petition, see if your governor (or an elected representative) will come on and agree because they get the joke.  Of course you won’t be successful, but you will have fun trying.

Best or Worst

New feature for your show called Best or Worst where you travel around the room and, where appropriate (if cast members have something), that person tells you about either the best thing or the worst thing that’s happened to them in the last few days.  Choose great stories and you have some character development.

What I Did On My Summer Vacation

Remember the “what I did on my summer vacation” essays we wrote when we went back to grade school?  Find your three most entertaining co-workers and get them to write theirs (50 words) then come on your show, and with an appropriate music bed, read them to the audience.

Pimp Our Lounge

School is back in session in the next few weeks and teachers are a prime demo for a show’s success.  Why not figure out a mechanism for teachers to call to enter a promotion where the winner gets their teacher’s lounge pimped out with station swag and a few months worth of snacks?

We’ll Read the Book So You Don’t Have To

Lots of kids get reading assignments from teachers before heading back to school.  Why not talk to kids who have to do this, find out what book they have to read, and if they’ve read the book yet.  If they haven’t, get a cast member to read the book for the kid and then all come back the next day for the cast member to give the student bullet points on the book so they don’t have to read it.

The Back to School Radar Gun

Every market will experience back to school in the next several weeks.  How about partnering with your local police department and ask them to set up outside a school in a high traffic area with a radar gun and have them on throughout one morning to share make and model of cars speeding through school zones?

The Tele-a-Cheaters

I think it’s smart when you put together a group of people who have something in common – we are very tribal and forming a club helps others identify with similar folks.  This one’s call the Tele-a-Cheaters and is the group of listeners who love watching a certain TV show with their significant other, but on occasion, cheat on them by watching new episodes without them.

The Amazon Prime Day Baby

Let no work begin!  We are now inside Amazon Prime Days – open those phones and ask the audience for the initials of their co-workers who’ll get absolutely nothing done because, for both days, they’re shopping on Amazon, looking for deals!

Do You Trust Us?

One of the pillars of success for your show is that, never having actually met you, the audience feels like they know you.  Play “Do You Trust Us?” with them.  Wonder out loud if they trust you and ask that they call, but don’t give them this question until they’re on-the-air with you.  Then, once on, ask if they trust you enough to give you one of their passwords.  Hear the discomfort, then if they step up to the test!

The Dominican Republic Death Toll

The Dominican Republic is in the news.  And not for good reasons.  Few of you can do this idea.  You must have an edgy show on a brand where you can very much color outside the lines, without fear of getting in trouble.  On occasion, do The Dominican Republic Death Toll, where you give the latest number of people who’ve died while vacationing there.  Told you it was edgy.

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