Hawkeye in the Morning, KSCS, Dallas Put Deon In

How do you do the topic of sports on a female targeted radio show?  By using the same technique we do with all other topics – by creating laughter and fun.  No doubt the topic of the Dallas Cowboys can drive that market.  But we know that chatter about X’s and O’s is a turnoff to even sports fans.  With the news that the Cowboys would probably be hiring its new coach, Mike McCarthy, Hawkeye in the Morning, KSCS, Dallas, pulled from its archives this fun produced piece from the past.  They took the stereotype of Cowboy’s owner Jerry Jones as a meddler to an absurd level by putting together this bit with Jerry calling the new coach during the game, asking that Deon Sanders be put in to impress the sponsors at Pepsi.  Want men, women, and all the lifestyles that exist in your target demo to lean in when you do content?  Choose the biggest topics of the day and have fun with them, as is done here.