K-BULL 93, Salt Lake City Lexi and Banks Father Forgiveness

A critical element to create great content is conflict – be it real or manufactured for fun.  Content segments without that push and pull of tension do little to grab the audience emotionally, which is the one thing that will both intrigue them to hear it (hence, a powerful set-up or hook at the very beginning of the break) and provide a resolution to that dramatic thesis at its end.  For Father’s Day last month, Lexi and Banks, K-BULL 93, Salt Lake City had the typical giveaway packages from the promotions folks.  Not content to play a silly game or take caller X, they fished through social media looking for listeners who had borrowed money from their fathers and not paid it back.  That was the thesis of real life drama they would use to tell a story, tie into Father’s Day, and get dad and and their kid on to give something out.  Mining the story from both perspectives, as you will hear below, is appropriate and relatable.  But at the end, they asked the father to forgive the “loan” in return for the prize package, thus providing resolution.  All around, this is very well conceived and executed by the team!