KSCS, Dallas Singing at Katelyn’s Wedding

A morning show recently suggested they don’t do interviews because interviews don’t work in PPM.  That’s an absolute to me so I challenged them.  Bad interviews don’t work as I’ve written on these pages.  Enter Hawkeye and Katelyn, KSCS, Dallas who presented the perfect opportunity to disprove that theory.  The show was just a few weeks away from Katelyn’s wedding.  So, we decided to do some character development around that fact.  Hawkeye gathered as many artist interviews as he could (the list is a who’s who:  Dan and Shay, Garth, Kenny Chesney, Jason Aldean, Kelsey Ballerini to name a few).  Along with a quick interview, he then pitched at each (without them knowing it was coming) that he would give them $750 if they would perform at Katelyn’s wedding.  This would be his gift to her.  We wanted to hear how the artists reacted the offer.  As you’d expect, every artist turned him down.  The fun came in listeners anticipating that moment.  The discomfort, and its subsequent humor, turned this from a regular Q&A into something both fun and strategic for character development.  Here is a recap break the show did on Katelyn’s first day back after the weekend ceremony.  They added Hawkeye’s voided check done throughout as a visual for social media, which you can see here.