KSCS, Dallas The Technology Break

Break structure is so important in show prep.  With listeners decreasing attention spans, they evaluate a break’s worth in just a few seconds.  They come for content.  So, the longer you take to get to that, the greater peril you face in losing them mentally or worse, to another entertainment choice.  Relating to the content is critical, too, as are designed moments in each breaks execution to re-grap the attention of fans who might lose interest.  Hawkeye and Connected K, KSCS, Dallas did a break about technology – quite relatable to anyone.  Listen to the break below and pay close attention to not just the content material, but how this break was designed.  Hawkeye starts the break without all the pablum many do (call letters, weather, telling the audience about an appearance or promotion – all items which delay the content).  He starts in the first few seconds with a question to Connected K.  He’s actually asking the audience the same question so they are engaged.  After that brief conversation, he pivots to talking about technology and throughout the break, uses audio throughout to prevent those who might get less interested from leaving the show.  This is, at its core, a break about technology designed to be a conversation between the two hosts (good).  It was done in a way to keep those vibing with the conversation leaning in and is well done as a result of that prep.