KSON, San Diego John and Tammy, Abby the Vegan

The most entertaining guests on the show sometimes live on the fringe.  When they are family of cast members, they also provide character development.  Letterman taught us the importance of finding the colorful people around the show and figure out how to get them on so their oddities can capture the audience’s attention.  John and Tammy, KSON, San Diego have some very fun family members.  John’s daughter, Abby, just became a a vegan.  This lifestyle is distant from the typical country partisan.  So, John decided to interview his daughter to find out what that was like, and, loaded up with things to say, Abby judged the audience and created both fun and character development for her father in the process.  Bottom line:  look for the fun, odd people around you and introduce them to the audience to create some electric content.  Here’s the break to hear how it’s done.