Mark and NeanderPaul, KSLX. Phoenix Dishwasher Drama

I have focused on three key kinds of content over the years:  what’s up locally (because local matters if you live in town), things going on in pop culture or the news (these are the “now topics” that set your relevance), and then things going on in your life that position you as just like the listener.  Consider stories from your life our version of #metoo content.  You want the audience to hear the story and think, yea that happens to me, as well.  Such is this week’s break from Mark and NeanderPaul, KSLX, Phoenix.  Mark has the typical marriage with his lovely wife, Rose.  They do battle over how the dishwasher is loaded, just like you and me.  Mark tells the story, which is the initial connection point to convey he is like every listener in the audience who is in a relationship.  Then, they move to phone calls for listeners’ stories of connection – these calls turn the listeners into the focus of the conversation (it’s never a bad thing to make them the star of your show) and give the guys more stories to hear to have their fun.  Real life is usually the best content, because of the strategic message and authentic humor.