Mark and NeanderPaul, KSLX, Phoenix The Lindsey Buckingham Story

A missed opportunity for many shows is in not aligning with the music on the radio station.  I know this from experience – we often see our show as separate from the station brand and many times we are much more focused on our content.  The biggest thing you hopefully have in common with the audience is your love of the music you play.  I’ve launched numerous shows from that foundation and it always works to form a relationship with listeners.  It’s especially powerful at a classic rock station.  Mark and NeanderPaul, KSLX, Phoenix know and love the music they play.  They found a local promoter who has had hundreds of encounters with the format’s iconic artists and convinced him to tell them stories about a few.  This clip proves the power of talking about the music and telling stories as the promoter tells a terrific tale about Lindsey Buckingham (from Fleetwood Mac) and how difficult he was to deal with.