MOJO in the Morning, Channel 955, Detroit Five Lies to Tell Your Mom

Craft an edgy story with five lies and convince a listener to call their mom and tell it to her and you have a weekly benchmark called Five Lies to Tell Your Mom.  In search of a new appointment for Mojo in the Morning, Channel 955, Detroit a few years ago, we developed this weekly bit that highlights the relationship one listener has with their mother.  Offline, the show creates a short story with five bold, but believable lies.  They then conference call the listener with their mother and, without the mom knowing they are also on the line, they listen in as the story is told and the mother reacts.  They record this one week out to make it good – which affords the show the time to coach the listener on the story and then for editing and post production.  In some ways, this is a train wreck (in a good way) the audience would never see themselves doing, but love eavesdropping on because the stories you concoct can be as bold as you like to capture the audience’s attention.