Mojo in the Morning Hears from President Trump

What you can do on your show is correlated to how deep the relationship is with your audience. Those shows that are well-defined and have been on-the-air longer can go places newer shows can’t and shouldn’t.  Mojo in the Morning, Channel 955, Detroit has been part of listeners’ lives for twenty years.  They have a huge number of fans who come each day for companionship and entertainment.  That they have spent so much time defining themselves and creating laughter, the audience will allow them to do the unthinkable for most programs – do Trump-oriented content.  Enter Mojo show alum Eric Harthen, who does an amazing Trump.  He calls the show each week to mock the cast.  There’s no desire to convince listeners this is real (this is part how you do something like this in 2020).  The character is there to create relevancy and humor by making fun of those on the show the audience already knows and adores.