Rob and Joss, Sunny 98.1, San Diego Alex Trebek Tribute

Even though we all knew Alex Trebek would, at some point, leave us, we were faced last week with ways to treat that content on the show.  I did some extra listening around the dial – to shows I work with and shows I do not – to sample how talent handled it.  Several took the path of least resistance:  let’s give out some Trebek facts and spend the balance of our time reflecting on his life and making commentary. Good, not great.  These moments call for deeper dives of storytelling.  Finding people who can talk about the subject from a first person perspective.  Of them all, Rob and Joss, Sunny 98.1, San Diego were one of the few who stood out.  Yes, they started the break as we all would.  With a great frame.  They then pivoted and put on someone who had been on Jeopardy to reflect on Alex and talk about him in ways they could not.  Bonus points because that person was local, but they didn’t need to be.  Great content is relevant to the moment, emotional in its display, and centered around a story no one else can tell.  This hit all those marks.