The TJ Show, AMP 103.3, Boston Operation Cupcake

One quick way to get phones is to ask the audience to help you solve a dilemma.  That’s reflected in this week’s Free Idea.  The TJ Show, AMP 103.3, Boston gets this, too.  Loren from the show enjoyed a delicious cupcake given to her by a listener.  This wasn’t your ordinary, average cupcake.  It was a cupcake a cut above anything else she’d every had.  One thing this show does quite well is find these quirky content items and, instead of them just being one on-air break where they talk about it, they make it something much bigger.  Like Loren giving out all the details, then asking listeners to help find the person who made the cupcake so they could have more, even moving this to talk with that person once they figure out who it is.  This is a narrative in real time, across a period of the show, with the payoff of the conversation.  Setup-details-payoff (beginning-middle-end), which is the perfect structure for all breaks.  Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David understood the power of taking something small and turning it into unique content.  This show does, too.