Ty Bentli Show, Nashville The Ten Minute Tune

Here’s a fun, new feature that highlights two important attributes of a show – music and fun around pop culture.  The Ty Bentli Show, Nashville (syndicated) has access to hundreds of artists being in the mecca for country music.  Each morning, they bring in a different budding artist (they’re screened for a sense of humor) and given a topic right out of the headlines and tasked with writing a quick song around the topic in ten minutes.  There are some terrific attributes of this feature:  it reinforces the contemporary nature of the show’s content, it’s intended to be funny and highlight the music images of the program, and proves an advocacy for the struggling artist because they get the show’s platform.  The other item that stands out is its design and name – given we all want things right now, a show with a feature as unique as this starts and pays off in ten minutes, possibly getting more listeners who want to follow it from topic choice to completion to stay for a few more minutes.