WRAL, Raleigh A Customized Calm App

We are always going for images.  Being real, having fun, and doing something different with a big topic.  Here’s MIX Mornings with Kyle, Bryan, and Sarah on WRAL, Raleigh.  First, hear how they accrue all those images above.  Then, listen to this break and ponder how much work it took to put less than three-minutes of a very strategic break together.  The main topics they fuse are back-to-school and the Calm App everyone seems to have.  They had to conceive the idea, then write and record the payoff, then find a listener to tell a relatable story (breaks are always better when a listener is involved), then construct the entire break.  There’s much pressure on shows to get it done faster because listeners’ attention is scant.  That, in most instances, requires more prep, not less.  Unless you are a completely defined show, which takes many years, the days of turning on everyone’s microphones and talking around a topic until you think you’re done are not as effective to hold on to listeners, who have a ton of choices for content, connection, and entertainment when you’re on.