WRAL, Raleigh MIX Morning Show Real Life WINOS

We offered a Free Idea last week called WINOS.  As Rush Limbaugh taught us years ago, putting together tribes in your audience gives them power to not feel like they are alone in this world.  Kyle, Bryan, and Sarah, WRAL, Raleigh seized the idea, which is an acronym for Women In Need of Sanity.  Their target is a 35-year old female who’s going crazy after one year of Covid.  Sarah from the show will lead the group, then over the course of the next few weeks, build out the tribe by taking calls from women who have this in common with her and the others who want in.  There’s power in the group.  There is also humor as this week’s audio proves.  This is where your win actually happens.  Listen to not only the real life offerings from this nurse, but how deft the show is at allowing her to be the star of the break, maximizing her observations and sense of humor.  We all know shows that would be uncomfortable allowing the caller to be the center of the break, even trying to top the lines.  Not here and not with this team.  The show is elevated because they elevate the caller.  WINOS starts a new idea for the program, a tribe for the audience, and more genuine humor coming from listeners who feel comfortable to call the show to have fun.