Lexi and Banks, KUBL (The Bull), Salt Lake City The Grease Sing-a-Long

Most times when doing character development, you will tell a story that accentuates something in common you have with the typical listener:  you’re married, a parent, you own a dog.  There’s drama or something happened in those areas which allows you to connect with listeners and entertain them with the details.  At other times, you might focus on a quirky trait that most cannot identify with, but it’s so fun it’s memorable.  Lexi and Banks, KUBL (The Bull), Salt Lake City do a break below focusing on Lexi’s love of the movie Grease.  Lexi believes she is an expert on the movie and knows the words to every song.  The Tony Awards were cancelled and replaced with a live version of Grease music.  So Banks decided to test Lexi’s knowledge of the music by getting her to sing-a-long with some of its songs.  They had a reason to do this because of the Tonys so it became relevant to feature this expertise a cast member had.