Mojo in the Morning

Channel 955, Detroit

One of the best CHR morning shows in America is Mojo in the Morning, central to the success of Channel 95.5, Detroit.  At the show’s moral center is Mojo, father of three, and devoted husband.  Co-host Spike, with his daily Prank Calls and an opinion on everything, Shannon, the hip young female who was born and raised in Detroit and has an infectious laugh, Fletch the audio guy, and Rachel the newly married producer and mom are the rest of this winning group.  The show’s plot is “five imperfect people who laugh at life and laugh at themselves”. These guys get pop culture and is one of the most innovative shows you’ve ever heard. Their healthy and deep fan base come back every day out of fear they’ll miss something. That’s why Mojo in the Morning owns everything 18-49 in Detroit!

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