The Monday Morning Free Idea

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What drives ratings? Fun, entertaining ideas that help your show connect with the audience. Innovative ideas make people notice and remember the show, give listeners a chance to talk about the program, and ultimately compel them to tune back in again because they’re afraid to miss something.

So, how about a free idea? Each Monday, come back for more great stuff, as done by Reynolds Group morning shows, which might help make your morning program more different, fun, and unique.

Innovative, fun ideas help drive additional occasions of listening.  The Reynolds Group can help make your show more innovative!  Call 919.821.4700 or e-mail here to find out how.

The No Politics Pledge

How long before someone brings up Trump at the Thanksgiving table in a couple of weeks?  And, who in your family is most apt to do it?  Time to write this year’s version of the No Politics Pledge and get listeners to take it so there’s peace at the family gathering this year.

Won’t You Be My Neighbor

The Mr. Rogers movie with Tom Hanks opens November 22.  Why not get a ton of people to dress as Mr. Rogers in red cardigans, shirts and ties, and khakis to gather at a very public place to all sing Won’t You Be My Neighbor.  Could attract some TV cameras.

The Candy Contract

Did your father steal your Halloween candy after you went to bed as a kid?  Time to ask dads to take your Candy Contract.  Write a humorous “I, (state your name)…” oath and ask fathers to call to publicly promise they won’t steal all the good stuff from their children after they’ve gone on their rounds Thursday evening.

The Candy Quid Pro Quo

We’re up on Halloween and the phrase “quid pro quo” is in the news a lot.  How about getting a ton of Halloween candy and giving it to listeners who will get into a quid pro quo with you?  Ask what they will do for you to get your candy!  Then make the swap.

The Monster Makeover

The Big Dave Show, B105, Cincinnati has a terrific yearly tradition at this time called The Monster Makeover.  They ask grade school students to nominate their principal to be made up as a monster for Halloween.  They then do the makeover in the studio close to the morning of the holiday and transport them back to the school where the idea wraps up with a reveal in front of the students (great video on this for social media).

Whose Voicemail?

Everyone has saved voicemails on their phone – even the cast members of your show.  If you have a fun prize to give out, play a voicemail from a cast member (with their name beeped out if it’s in the audio).  The caller must guess Whose Voicemail it was from – then we get the back story on the voicemail, which is character development.

The Pumpkin Spice Squad

As we approach October, more and more products will include that most-Halloween of flavors, pumpkin spice.  Deputize a small fun group as your Pumpkin Spice Squad.  Their job is to find the odd products with pumpkin spice (pumpkin spice dog food anyone?) and report back to you what they find throughout the month.

The Guitargasms

If you’re a rock-based station, the Guitargasm is a new, fun way to give out a prize.  We always remember that how you give something out plays to the 99% of the audience who don’t care to win anything, but still want to be entertained.  String a bunch of iconic guitar riffs together and the caller must identify artists and titles to win.

We Know What You Teach

This is dumb and silly!  With schools back in session, challenge area teachers driving in to call you and, based on their voice alone, guess what subject they teach.

The Pencil Off

How about grabbing two fun kids and have them compete in the studio in a pencil sharpening contest?  Two kids, each with 100 pencils, and an electric sharpener (because they make the best sound).  Have a teacher in who’ll judge each pencil as it comes out of the machine to deem it properly sharpened.  Whoever does their 100 first wins.  It would make a great Facebook Live.  Thanks to Christine and Salt, 96 TIC-FM, Hartford for this idea.

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