Friend or Foe

Reggie Bush and Kim Kardashian just broke up – they say they’re staying friends.  Invite listeners to call you up, name an ex, and tell you the story about why they broke up.  You have to guess if today, they’re “Friends or Foes”.

WBMX Gilbert Gottfried Interview

Karson & KennedyGreat interviews make people laugh.  This one does.  Karson & Kennedy at MIX 104.1, Boston do three terrific things in this interview with Gilbert Gottfried:  they get him to bring listeners inside on what it’s like to be the Aflac duck, they ask his opinion on the Tiger Woods situation, and they get him to be funny around his marriage.  Three simple, relevant things to create something that make people laugh.

Tiger’s Texts

How about finding a senior citizen and having them read all of those salacious, exceptionally inappropriate text messages Tiger Woods sent one of his mistresses?  The marriage of opposites (a senior citizen and sex texts) works.  If you can’t find a senior citizen (or that doesn’t work for you), find another “opposite” to do it to create the disparity for humor!

Rachel Grades After Sex

Mojo in the MorningWhy does MOJO in the Morning own Detroit?  Why do they perform even better in PPM than in diary?  Because they know how to create a human connection for listeners in ways which are fun.  They’re honest and vulnerable and listeners are entertained by people they feel they know. Listen as this number one rated show on Channel 95.5, Detroit shares with listeners that one of its cast members’s husbands wants to be graded after they have sex.

Audio – The Dating Ump

Karson & KennedyKarson & Kennedy on MIX 104.1, Boston, developed their fun version of Seinfeld’s “The Marriage Ref”.  Their’s is called “The Dating Ump” and it’s very simple.  They get on a female listener who’s just had a first date with a guy.  They listen to her story about how the guy conducted himself, giving out “strikes” if he missteps during the date.  Once he gets three strikes, they suggest he’s lost his chance for a second date with her.  They then open the phones asking listeners for their advice.

Planet Reynolds: Inside/Outside – Becoming the Shiny Object

Planet Reynolds: Inside/Outside – Becoming the Shiny Object

Cry Like Kara and Win!

Kara Dioguardi, the female judge who basically took over for Paula on American Idol, has cried a couple of times on the show this season.  Some say the tears are fake.  Which is where you come in.  Test the thesis that women can cry on command.  Speeding ticket?  Women get out of them with tears.  In trouble with a boyfriend?  Cry and he’s angry no more.  Do “Cry Like Kara and Win” by getting a bunch of women on the air to see if they can cry on demand.  Make sure you get the audio of Kara crying to set things up.

Same Sex Marriage Ref

One of the buzz shows now is “The Marriage Ref”.  So, shows are trying to figure out their version.  At WZLX, Boston, Karlson and McKenzie are doing “Same Sex Marriage Ref”. Considering gay marriage is legal in Massachusetts, this classic rock morning show is finding same sex couples and assembling a group of fun, local celebrities who then try and counsel the same sex couple through a relationship issue.

The BFL Practical Joke

Gene & JulieEach morning at 7:30, we play “Big Fat Liar” with the cast of Gene and Julie on KVIL, Dallas. This is a character building break, where we get to know the talent. Each tells a one sentence story about themselves, only one person is lying.  The listener who correctly guesses who’s lying wins.  Here’s one which shows the chemistry of the team.  You always walk having had fun and having learned something about each member of the cast.  It’s edited down from what aired, but you’ll get the sense of how it’s played and how these guys create laughter with it.

Planet Reynolds: An Apple a Day Keeps Competitors Away

Planet Reynolds: An Apple a Day Keeps Competitors Away