The One Common Bond with All Successful Shows – Funny Equals Money

Once when Jimmy Kimmel hosted the Oscars, he gave out a jet ski to the person winning an Oscar who gave the shortest acceptance speech. 

Jimmy is a radio guy, so he thinks like a radio guy. Starting his career as an intern with Mojo in Tucson and then as a cast member with Kevin and Bean on KROQ, Los Angeles, Jimmy knows to think silly and turn it into a big win. 

Of course, the purpose of giving out the jet ski wasn’t to give out a jet ski. It was to mock a commonly held view that the telecast goes on too long and, way more importantly, so those of us watching at home laughed out loud. It worked. 

Most people viewing the Oscars haven’t seen all the movies (or even heard of half of them), so Jimmy gave us something silly to connect with—and this connection became the most memorable part of the show. He made this about us, not about those in the theater. So as a result, people are talking about Jimmy Kimmel, too. More will watch him as a result. 

Personality-drive radio must have winning images. In fact, every successful radio show has a humor image. Most shows that don’t succeed usually fail or fall flat because they aren’t seen as fun by those who listen. Remember, funny equals money.

As you coach your high profile talent, ask them NOT what they have to give out or what topics they’ll talk about on the show. Ask how they’re doing all of that so it’s fun to hear by 100% of the audience that tunes in. 

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