Hot List Dec 19, 2011

Christmas Shopping
Office Holiday Parties
Mission Impossible 4
Year End Lists
Kobe Bryant
All-American Muslim
Tim Tebow
Newt Gingrich
Holiday Travel
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Scared Straight Santa

Karlson & McKenzieEach year at this time, Karlson & McKenzie, WZLX, Boston, do “Scared Straight Santa”. They take calls from moms whose kids are acting up.  Pete McKenzie then calls the kid back as Santa to check on them and then gets the kid to promise to his mom on the phone to behave until Christmas.  The best things about this are that it’s not dirty and women fall in love with it.

Christmas Match Game

This one’s a really easy relationships-based game.  Karson & Kennedy, MIX 104.1, Boston does “Christmas Match Game”.  They solicit for a couple to call.  They put one on hold (so they cannot hear the station) and ask the other five things they want for Christmas.  They then bring the listener’s partner back and if they know three of them, they win.  Simple and easy!

Santa Idol

Anything with “Idol” on the end of it always works.  How about sending the kid of a show member out to sit on the laps of mall Santas in your town.  While on his lap to tell the Big Guy what they want for Christmas, the kid should ask Santa to sing a quick line of his favorite Christmas carol.  Air all of them in a holiday bit called “Santa Idol”.

Hot List Dec 12, 2011

Christmas Anything
Donald Trump Debate
Lindsay Lohan
Romney’s $10,000 Bet
Alec Baldwin
Heisman Trophy
Newt Gingrich
Jennifer Aniston
Tom Cruise
Mission Impossible 4
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B96 Julian’s Mom Thinks He’s Ugly

J & JulianJ and Julian, mornings on B96 Chicago, recently got into an on-air conversation about how parents sometimes dash the dreams of their children. Julian said that he always wanted to be an MTV DJ but his mom discouraged it.  Why?  Take a listen to this audio of the morning show on with Julian’s mom.  After she admits to the listeners why Julian wouldn’t make a good TV personality, know that listeners all feel something for Julian.  This is great character development.

Holiday Tipper Idol

This is the time of year everyone around us asks for holiday gratuities.  From your hairdresser to your mail carrier to the person who delivers your morning newspaper.  Gather up a few and stage a one week American Idol-type competition between them.  The winner gains the affection of the show and your team’s public support to their customers for a bigger holiday gratuity this year!

WNOU Kids Counsel Kim Kardashian

Kyle & RachelHow hard is this?  Kim Kardashian announces she wants a divorce after 72 days to Kris Humphries.  So Kyle and Rachel, Radio Now, Indianapolis, ask cute eight year olds to give her some advice.  Yes, some of this was fed to them, but the audience is probably laughing hearing it so, goal served!

WBEB Blaire Steals the Water

Tiffany & MichaelRecently, Producer Blaire on the Tiffany and Michael Morning Show on B101 Philadelphia went grocery shopping.  As she loaded her groceries into the car, she noticed that a shopper had accidentally left a case of water in the bottom of her cart.  Instead of bringing it back into the store, she decided it was up for grabs, so she took it.  Which lead to the moral dilemma “did Producer Blaire steal.”  Unbeknownst to Blaire, amongst the calls we decided to take from listeners to comment, we set up a call from someone who’d claim that it was her water just to see how she’d react.  The fun prank led to a great reaction when Blaire figured out it was a set up.