Hot List May 28, 2012

Memorial Day
Indy 500
Men In Black 3
Facebook’s IPO
Justin Timberlake/Jessica Biel
Donald Trump
Coca Cola 600
X Factor
America’s Got Talent
John Edwards Trial
NBA Finals
NHL Stanley Cup
Dr. Oz’s Erection
Jim Parsons is Gay
Post Office
Bain Capital
French Open

Shoe Spelling Bee

The National Spelling Bee is this week.  Get two male listeners on and have a Shoe Spelling Bee.  You give them a brand name of shows (designer) and the first guy to correctly spell three brand names wins.

WZLX The Gregg Allman Interview

Karlson & McKenzieHere is a flawless interview done by Karlson and McKenzie, WZLX, Boston’s highly rated morning show.  Interviewing classic rock legend Gregg Allman about a biography he wrote, they did several smart things to turn this bad interview into a great, highly entertaining one:  they read the book prior to the interview and explored with Allman the parts that most intrigued them.  Allman is notoriously difficult to interview, often giving one word answers.  They kept at it, continuing to explore the stories that interested them.  In a stroke of terrific honesty for the audience, they challenged him on not wanting to answer questions to things that were in his own book.  Then, once it got really bad, they ended the interview, stayed respectful, and blamed themselves for how it went, heightening how entertaining it was.  This interview was prepped and handled perfectly.

She Vomited at the Wedding

Kyle & RachelGreat phones on morning shows should be about story-telling.  Kyle and Rachel, Radio Now, Indianapolis, waded into stories about the weird things that happened at a wedding (Kyle had one to go to and an old story about accidentally setting something on fire).  Time, then, for listener calls.  Here is a fun segment of callers.  They’re short, highly engaging, and fun to hear for those tuning in.  Oftentimes, listener calls are about opinions or yes/no answers to questions.  These kinds of phones are never as good as hearing entertaining stories.

The Name Game

This one is incredibly silly.  It’s called “The Name Game”.  Get two people on the phone (it works best with a guy and a gal) and only introduce them to the audience as “caller one and caller two”.  Going back and forth, each gets five shots at guessing the other’s first name.  First to do it wins your jackpot or prize.  But if neither do it, the prize goes in the bundle and you come back again the next day at the same time with two fresh people.  This will go on forever and you’ll never get a winner and that will be the allure.

Hot List May 21, 2012

Facebook IPO
Memorial Day Weekend
SNL – Mick Jagger
American Idol
Donna Summer
John Edwards Trial
NATO Summit
Trayvon Martin
America’s Got Talent
The Preakness
John Travolta
Men In Black 3
Gay Marriage
Sacha Baron Cohen
J Lo
NBA Playoffs
Cannes Film Festival
JP Morgan
Flesh Eating Bacteria
Drink Coffee, Live Longer
Britney Spears X Factor
The Kennedy Curse
Manny Pacquiao
Kim Kardashian
Verizon Wireless

WJMK Cinco de Mayo or Mayo

Eddie & JoboWith this being the weekend of Cinco de Mayo, Eddie and JoBo on KHITS, Chicago played a fun game called “Cinco de Mayo (my-oh) or Cinco de Mayo (may-oh)”.  They had a guy on staff say a sentence in Spanish.  The sentence either referenced something around the Mexican holiday or it had to do with mayonnaise.  A nice quirky twist and a really fun dimension to a break.

Hot List May 7, 2012

Cinco de Mayo
Mother’s Day
The Avengers
Johnny Depp
American Idol
Jessica Simpson
Kentucky Derby
Junior Seau
Ashton Kutcher Ad
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Let’s Meet the Moms

Mother’s Day is one week away.  An angle that’s never explored is to put together a list of local celebrities (sports, TV, entertainment, politicians) and get their moms on.  You might even land that hard-to-get interview with the local celebrity if you do!