Hot List April 29, 2013

White House Correspondents Dinner
Conan O’Brien
Air Traffic Delays
Reese Witherspoon
George W. Bush Library
Gwyneth Paltrow
Michael Jordan
Justin Bieber
NBA Playoffs
Boston Bombings
NFL Draft
Stagecoach Festival
George Jones Death
The Kentucky Derby

WGFB “It Took Ten Minutes”

Sean & MichelleThe very best radio talent communicate a very central message:  I’m just like you.  Sean Henry from Lite Rock B101, Rockford, IL does this effortlessly in the break below.  Sean is a dad, who has normal struggles with his kids, just like the moms who listen to the radio station.  He argued with his young son to do something every parent has endured.  He came up with this quick, listener engagement break called “It Took Ten Minutes” where the audience guessed what took ten minutes to do, then he ran the audio talking to his kid about the “challenge” and had major, very relatable fun in the process.

Mariachi the Hits

With Cinco de Mayo just around the corner, this one is an easy putt.  Find a band at a local Mexican restaurant, have them in with sheet music of songs from your format, and play a game called “Mariachi the Hits” with the audience.  They play a tune, first listener to identify the song wins.  If you cannot find one, then maybe you can find a mariachi band doing this already on You Tube.

Moms of Celebrities

Mother’s Day is a few weeks away.  What might be fun is to find five mothers of celebrities (even if they’re local stars) and have one on each morning the week leading up to the holiday.  You’d find out about their celebrity son or daughter from a completely different perspective.

Hot List April 22, 2013

Boston Marathon Bombings
David Ortiz
Bush Presidential Library
Airport Flight Delays
Immigration Reform
Tom Cruise
Pot Day
What Would Ryan Lochte Do?
London Marathon
GLAAD Awards
Neil Diamond
Clay Aiken 911 Call
Price of Gold
Justin Bieber
Al Michaels DUI
Robin Roberts
Time’s “100 Most Influential”
Spring Cleaning
Dick Van Dyke
Sharon Osbourne

Toucher and Rich: The Boston Break

Toucher & RichThis week, Boston radio was amazing.  I spent much of my time listening to how they handled the Marathon bombings.  And walked away very impressed.  Specific kudos to the two shows I work with in Boston, Karson and Kennedy on MIX 104.1 and Karlson and McKenzie on WZLX.  Both shows were spectacular the entire week.  While I could have chosen literally dozens of breaks to post, I’ve decided on one done by the morning team of Toucher and Rich, 98.5 The Sports Hub, Boston.  The second bomb went off outside the apartment building in which Rich lives.  A place he passes through ten times a day.  And a place he’d been only moments before with his young son as they went to watch the end of the Marathon.  In this break, Rich tells his story.  It is exceptionally moving and brilliant radio.  That Rich’s wife suffers from cancer has added to a very challenging few months for his family.  It all comes out in this break.  We talk all the time about telling stories, about how could we ever expect the audience to get close to us if we can’t give up ourselves to them.  To be vulnerable and honest.  This is it, at its most masterful.  In the first part of the break, listen as Rich gives first-hand details, and paints the most colorful pictures of what happened and what he saw.  You literally feel as though you are there with him.  In the second half of the break, his emotions come through as he expresses his grief, his fear, his anger, his frustration, and his compassion for himself, his family, his city, and all who are listening.  That he spoke for them, and did so in the most real, honest, and vulnerable way, makes this an exceptionally memorable and powerful break.  It lasts 13-minutes and deserved every second of it.

Planet Reynolds – Two Things Listeners MUST Say For Your Show to Win

Planet Reynolds: Two Things Listeners Must Say For Your Show to Win

Hot List April 15, 2013

Tax Day
The Masters
Tiger Woods
MTV Movie Awards
Margaret Thatcher’s Funeral
Spring Cleaning
Xbox Outages
Kobe Bryant’s Injury
Lindsay Lohan
42 the Movie
Tom Cruise
Jay Z/Beyonce in Cuba
Jonathan Winters
Psy’s New Single
Matt & Luciana Damon
NFL Draft

WBMX Lana De-Friends Karson on Facebook

Karson & KennedyGreat breaks require great conflict.  And conflict is what happens when you remain friends with your ex-wife on Facebook!  Karson, from Karson & Kennedy, MIX 104.1, Boston has a good relationship with his ex.  This didn’t sit too well with wife number two, so she (Lana) de-friended him on Facebook.  In the first break below, the show calls Lana to get the details (this is where the initial conflict is found…in how each of them view the story differently).  In the second break below, Karson calls his ex-wife to let her know he’s dumped her…again.  Her reaction is classic.