Hot List July 1, 2013

July Fourth Holiday
Gay Marriage
Four Day Weekend
George Zimmerman Trial
Hot Weather
Summer Vacations
Paula Deen
Aaron Hernandez
Nelson Mandela
Edward Snowden
Gay Pride Parades
Kim Kardashian’s Baby
The World Cup
NSA Spying
Martha Stewart’s Threesome
Michael Jackson Trial
Miley Cyrus
Shark Week
Tour de France

KFGY Joss Hates Thin Mints

Rob & JossGirl Scout cookies are on sale and you have a confession to make.  You hate the Thin Mints. The one cookie every else seems to love.  What do you do?  Well, Joss from Rob and Joss, Froggy 92.9, Santa Rosa, CA went around to admit it to co-workers, recording their reactions, which are classic.  This is the kind of fun, quirky, character-building break that listeners will mention to Joss if they see her at a promotion or remote in the next few months.

The Kids Call While on Vacation

With vacations in full swing now, ask for a different family going on their break each week to call and have their kids leave you a voicemail each night of their vacation to tell you what they did that day.  Grab the voicemail when you get in and air it.

Hot List June 24, 2013

Paula Deen
World War Z
Kim and Kanye’s Baby
Edward Snowden
SCOTUS Gay Marriage
Monsters University
Stanley Cup Finals
Patriot’s Aaron Hernandez
NSA Spying
College World Series
James Gandolfini
July Fourth Holiday
The World Cup
Trayvon Martin Case
Nik Wallenda
Russell Brand
Ohio Air Show Crash
Jay Z

WQYK Calls Cracker Barrel for Thanksgiving

Dave & VeronicaThis break is a tad old, but highlights how things come alive when you add other elements to breaks.  Each year for Thanksgiving, Cledus, from Dave and Veronica, WQYK, Tampa, visits Cracker Barrel for Thanksgiving.  Pondering what Cracker Barrel is like for Thanksgiving, the team decided to call the restaurant Cledus actually visits every year with his daughter.  The result is an inquisitive team having a fun conversation with the waitress who answers the phone.  The team could’ve opted to just tell the story, but adding the call to the restaurant gave them stuff to work with in their effort to create a fun, memorable break.

World Record Wednesday

A fun month-long bit you can do during the fall book would be “World Record Wednesday” where on each Wednesday in one month, a member of the show (or a listener) has to break a Guinness Record.

Hot List June 17, 2013

Father’s Day
Kim Kardashian Birth
Man of Steel
NBA Finals
NSA Spying
SCOTUS Gay Marriage
Summer Vacations
T-Rex Burger
Kate Middleton
Rupert Murdoch Divorce
Iran’s New President
Miley Cyrus’s Parents Divorce
G8 Summit
Stanley Cup Finals
College World Series

WPGC Jamie Is Cheating

The Pablo ShowWhat would you do if you felt your partner was cheating on you?  Pablo, at WPGC, Washington, told his cast and audience of this fear, and then decided to step out and call his girlfriend on the air to ask if she was.  There’s a curve ball in this narrative arc, so you’ll have to listen to the two breaks below.  Pablo did a great job intriguing the audience and hooking them to lean in to see how this dilemma played out.

Hunks in Trunk

There is lots of focus on web hits in most companies.  With the summer upon us, that means more beach and pool time.  Ask listeners (as well as the rest of the station staff) to take pictures of good looking guys in bathing suits while out, post them on your website, and call it “Hunks in Trunks”.

Planet Reynolds: What a Five Year Old Teaches Us About Morning Radio

Planet Reynolds: What a Five Year Old Teaches Us About Morning Radio