Hot List September 28, 2020!

John and Tammy, KSON, San Diego He Saves the Animals

No doubt everyone is looking for bright white lights in all the morass of the world. John and Tammy, KSON, San Diego excel at not only pointing out the positive, but being supportive of their listeners.  What do fans want more than people who will root for them, care about them, and make them the star of their show?  With all the wildfires in southern California, they heard about a listener (an ex-Marine) who’s dedicated to one mission:  saving the animals.  Here’s a break of total humanity, and a reminder that good does exist in the world.  This is exceptionally relevant given how big the fires are. The guy comes on, tells stories (in fact, he tells his stories), and moves John and Tammy as well as other listeners.  Go earn images, prop up your audience, and remind your fans that when they turn to you, the world isn’t such a bad place after all.

The Candy Drive-By

Halloween is a month away.  Kids probably can’t trick-of-treat due to Covid.  The week of the holiday, get kids on and ask them some candy-oriented trivia questions.  If they get them right, do a Candy Drive-By.  You guys get the winner’s addresses offline, drive into their neighborhoods, slow down in front of the house, roll your window down, and throw the candy on their front lawns as a prize.  That’d make great videos for social media that week.

David, Sue, and Kendra, Magic 106.7, Boston The Toy Hall of Fame

There are very simple things you can do to make a good, very relatable break, even better.  David, Sue, and Kendra, Magic 106.7, Boston were talking about the toys that are due to be inducted into the Toy Hall of Fame.  This is very logical content, especially for their audience.  The team gets to reminisce about toys from their childhood, bringing back terrific memories for listeners.  Psychologically, retro content like this makes people feel warm and safe and reminds them of a happier time in their lives, especially now with all the craziness. What accelerates this break below and makes it even better for the audience is the simple use of audio.  They talk about a toy, and here’s audio associated with it (i.e. the TV commercial for it).  It’s in that audio that the content comes more alive and they are in a better spot to keep listeners engaged in their topic.  In every break you do, ask when mapping it out, what audio exists (or what audio can you create) that will help that break perceptually for listeners who bore easily with just conversation.

Accent Verses Accent

Features built around the music you play are always a smart move.  Mark and NeanderPaul, KSLX, Phoenix do something called Accent Verses Accent where they find two people with different foreign accents reading the same lyrics of a song they play.

Hot List September 21, 2020


The Emmys

Ruth Bader Ginsburg


The Supreme Court

NFL Week #2

College Football


Fantasy Football

Cardi B


Tik Tok

Carole Baskin

PS5 Pre-Orders

Hot List August 31, 2020


Back to School

NFL Week #1

College Football


Apple Event

Keeping Up with the Kardashians

Bob Woodward

West Coast Fires




Cuties (Netflix)

Little Richard

Conor McGregor

US Open

Nobel Peace Prize

Kanye West

Britney Spears


Print This Print This

WRAL, Raleigh A Customized Calm App

We are always going for images.  Being real, having fun, and doing something different with a big topic.  Here’s MIX Mornings with Kyle, Bryan, and Sarah on WRAL, Raleigh.  First, hear how they accrue all those images above.  Then, listen to this break and ponder how much work it took to put less than three-minutes of a very strategic break together.  The main topics they fuse are back-to-school and the Calm App everyone seems to have.  They had to conceive the idea, then write and record the payoff, then find a listener to tell a relatable story (breaks are always better when a listener is involved), then construct the entire break.  There’s much pressure on shows to get it done faster because listeners’ attention is scant.  That, in most instances, requires more prep, not less.  Unless you are a completely defined show, which takes many years, the days of turning on everyone’s microphones and talking around a topic until you think you’re done are not as effective to hold on to listeners, who have a ton of choices for content, connection, and entertainment when you’re on.

What Can’t You Learn From YouTube?

There should never be a doubt that you can’t learn something on YouTube.  Mark Devine from Mark and NeanderPaul, KSLX, Phoenix bought a bottle of Jack Daniels at the liquor store.  When he got home, he realized the clerk forgot to remove the security cap.  Driving back to the store would have delayed his drink, so he YouTubed the dilemma and found a ton of videos showing him how to do it.  What odd thing did you learn to do on YouTube?