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The Reynolds Group specializes in one thing: making your morning show great.

We work with broadcast groups and managers who recognize that making an investment in the growth of their morning team grows the radio station. Whether your morning show is new or been on the station for years, it’s your true point of differentiation in the marketplace. A viable, entertaining morning show helps you win Arbitron championships. Making an investment in the growth of your show – from its people to how fun, authentic, and real it is – helps place positive images on your station, grows your brand, and gives listeners one more reason to choose you each day!

Successful personality-based shows win because of a strategy.  The Reynolds Group helps develop a winning strategy for a show based on its strengths and the market’s competitive terrain.  This strategy, along with use of the day’s Hot Topics, The Wheel of Content©, and The Scorecard©, sets the show up to win.

Below are some of the shows The Reynolds Group helps to win.  Call us at 919.821.4700 or e-mail here to learn how we can help you!

John Dimick


“Steve has been instrumental in making our good morning shows great… Whether it’s established talent that needs some outside ideas or a new show that needs to start on the right foot… Steve Reynolds can help.”

John Dimick, Senior VP Programming & Operations, Lincoln Financial Media

Chuck Williams


“I love having Steve Reynolds on our team. Steve is an outstanding developer of morning shows, teaching talent how to self-manage their natural skills and abilities. I cannot think of a better endorsement, or I would give it.”

Chuck Williams, Market Manager, Radio One, Indianapolis

Steve Salhany


“Steve has helped evolve our content strategy over his time with us… continuing to challenge our team in ways that helps them grow to deepen the relationship with the audience so their loyalty gets them addicted to our cast so our ratings go up.”

Steve Salhany, Format Captain for AC, CBS Radio

Rick Cummings


“Steve Reynolds is the best morning show consultant we’ve worked with, period. Our talent would say the same thing. You’re the best I’ve seen in 30 years in this business.”

Rick Cummings, President, Emmis Radio

Kevin Callahan


“Steve’s contributions to the team are invaluable. Steve builds trust and credibility immediately with everyone he works with, allowing the show and the brain-trust to develop a strategy and WIN!”

Kevin Callahan, PD, KSON, San Diego

Jimmy Steal


“Steve has the most amazing sense of how to frame the critical few essential building blocks of successful morning radio and… endears himself to your hosts by building trust with them in the process of communicating these insights.”

Jimmy Steal, VP Programming, Emmis Radio, PD, Power 106, Los Angeles

Let The Reynolds Group help you win bigger!

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