106.5 The Arch, St. Louis Becoming a Storyteller

What is a great song, but a story?  Reality shows, even your favorite weekly sit-com, tells a story every week.  Facts and figures only matter if they tell stories, which is how we connect as human beings and show our humanity.  So this begs the big question – how do you do in telling stories on your show?  What’s your story?  The stories you find around your life and the Hot Topics frame your point-of-view and communicate your take.  Stacey and Jonah, 106.5 The Arch, St. Louis heard that a gentleman and his family went to a Cardinals baseball game and, because he’d seen a picture, noticed that sitting close by was the family of the person who donated his heart in a transplant a few years prior.  In a bold move, he introduced himself, believing this moment would never happen again.  The show could have relayed the story on their own, but they elevated it by getting the man, the transplant recipient, on their show to tell them what happened.  Awesome story-telling, very human, and quite memorable radio.