106.5 The Arch St. Louis, Jonah Becomes a Drag Queen to See Queen

The content on radio shows should have a “born on date.”  In other words, what you talk about and have fun with today should be so “of the moment” that if you did it the following week, it’d feel stale.  The new movie about the rock group Queen, “Bohemian Rhapsody,” owned the moment last week.  Which is why Spencer’s Neighborhood, 106.5 The Arch, St. Louis, grabbed their afternoon guy from Stacey and Jonah, and made him up on their Friday show as a drag queen and then shipped him off to take listeners to see the matinee of the new Queen movie after the program.  This highlights several great decisions on both show’s parts:  the topic was very big that day with its premiere so they were very time sensitive, it was inventive and different so it had a better chance to stand out to cause talk, there were tons of visuals so it had digital engagement, and it involved both the morning and afternoon shows so it help establish a relationship between the casts and recycled Arch cume between the two programs.  Below is a break – see what else they did here.