96.5 TIC-FM, Hartford Quiz Pro Quo

Great shows are in the moment and perishable.  Sometimes the edgier topics (like the Trump-Ukraine controversy) need some innovation to tie into without angering either (or both) sides, claiming you took a position on politics they don’t agree with.  Enter Christine and Salt, 96.5 TIC-FM, Hartford who easily acknowledged that the phrase “quiz pro quo” is in our lexicon.  Everyone’s hearing it.  So it’s fair game to create content around it.  How to tie into it without being political, though?  They came up with a fun game call the Quiz Pro Quo.  They described things that could happen that rhymes with the phrase to give out a prize.  Listen to this break – they never mention Trump, Ukraine, impeachment, or even politics.  They acknowledged the phrase and do their version of it.  Hear the fun they have – and imagine the fun listeners are having, too, hearing this silliness.  All around a Hot Topic, which is highly important to do.  They could have done something generic or evergreen – but they went topical.  The more you are doing your version of these well-known topics, the more perishable your show will be.  And that’s a good thing.