AMP 103.3, Boston TJ’s Street Match

PPM ratings are all about occasions.  Our job in developing daily, fun radio, is to have as part of our recipe, “tune-in features” that affect listeners’ behavior so they turn us on.  Listen to any successful show breakdown their wins and you will almost always hear them reference that fans set their watch for features they must hear.  Solid, fun, can’t miss benchmarks must be a part of your show if you care to turn a two-day a week listener into a three-day a week listener.  Much like Apple releases new products and targets them at Apple fans, your fans are the easiest route to getting more listenership because they already like you.  Benchmarks must reach certain thresholds to be effective, though.  Just doing the same thing at the same time each day isn’t good enough.  When The TJ Show was on AMP, 103.3, Boston, we challenged TJ to come with a can’t miss feature we could get known for.  Here’s TJ’s Street Match, a play along game that used people on the streets of Boston, one listener, and a bunch of very quirky questions to keep everyone tuned in.