Great breaks achieve a positive strategic goal back to the show. They communicate, both in content and presentation, something about the show plot. Breaks which score are real, relevant, and fun. They earn you valuable images. Here are some breaks by Reynolds Group shows which achieve this.

WNOU "I Don’t Believe You"

Kyle & RachelKyle and Rachel at Radio Now, Indianapolis, do this fun, interactive thing with listeners on occasion called “I Don’t Believe You”.  Listeners call, give a one sentence story about something they may have experienced in life, and the morning show has to determine if it’s believable.  Most stories told are true, so they get the details and entertain the audience in the process.  It’s just another fun way to get listeners participating in the show around a vicarious feature.

B96 Pregnant, Pissed, or Happy

J & JulianGreat games have a vicarious aspect to them which allow people listening to play along.  Here’s J & Julian, on B96, Chicago, doing “Pregnant, Pissed, or Happy”.  This is where they put a female listener on the air, ask her questions unrelated to any of the three conditions, then, based on her voice, try to determine if she’s pregnant, upset with something, or happy today.  If she stumps them, she gets a prize – and all listening are playing along trying to figure it out, too.

B101 The Yard Sale Toothbrush

Tiffany & MichaelGreat phone topics come from real life experiences.  Tiffany, from the Tiffany and Michael Show, B101, Philadelphia, was convinced by her husband to have a yard sale.  This prompted the topic to listeners wondering the oddest item people have ever had purchased from them during a yard sale.  PPM always reacts positively to entertaining stories from listeners.  You might be stunned at what was said.

WJMK Jobo Grills for the Fourth

Eddie & JoboNormally I am not a fan of any morning show cooking on the air.  There is zero listener benefit to this.  But here’s an exception.  Eddie and JoBob, on K-HITS, Chicago grill in the studio right before the July Fourth holiday.  What makes it work are the sounds they create and the fact that JoBo uses it to get to audio of him asking kids questions about grilling during the holiday weekend, which is really fun.

WWFS Stack the Cheaters

Jim & KImBack when the Arnold Schwarzenegger scandal broke, Jim and Kim, on Fresh 102.7, New York, gathered some notorious cheaters (Arnold, John Edwards, Jesse James, and Tiger Woods) and asked their listeners to list them from most to least egregious.  One of the easiest things to do on a show to create some dimension inside breaks is get listeners to play along with you.  In their novel idea called “Stack the Cheaters”, they did just that.

WJMK Eddie Calls the Royals

Eddie & JoboNothing is better than when you take one of the hottest topics out there and create humor by doing something unique around it.  Eddie and JoBo, on K-HITS, Chicago, are legends in the market.  These guys are really funny and relevant.  Here’s a call they made back when Prince William got married.  They called another church in London as representatives, looking to change the venue due to too much media exposure.  About halfway through, the woman at the church starts to get the joke.

WBMX Bruins Play by Play Announcer

Karson & Kennedy
Back when the Bruins were in the hunt for the Stanley Cup, Karson and Kennedy at MIX 104.1, Boston got an interview with their play-by-play announcer.  Not uncommon, right?  The goal of an interview is to do stuff inside it for the person least interested in the topic.  In this one, the show gets him to bring them inside various aspects of the team, landing as him being authentic and real by revealing himself, too.  This is a pretty good interview, geared at all their audiences – those who cared about the Cup and those who didn’t.

MOJO Nick is Grounded for the Summer

Mojo in the MorningWhat happens when you’re grounded for the summer?  The best radio is a reflection of real life. Nick is an 11-year old kid in Detroit who got grounded for the summer.  Following the drama (something reality TV shows do quite well) is very memorable and fun.  That’s why Mojo in the Morning on Channel 95.5, Detroit “adopted” Nick and is following his exploits.

WQYK Garth Brooks Interview

Dave & VeronicaSometimes listing out for the little things can actually make an interview go from good to great.  Waiting for their Garth Brooks interview to start, Dave and Veronica, WQYK, Tampa heard a zipper.  Hmm, I wonder what that is!  They capitalized on hearing it to start the interview, thus setting a silly course to a conversation with the superstar.  In a day when everyone gets the big names, it’s what you do with the interview that sets you apart.  Listen to this terrific, very fun interview they had with Garth.

KHTH Drive Thru verses Walk In

Stacey K & JonahThe best content ideas tend to come up when shows and I are just bullshitting on our weekly calls.  A few weeks back, Stacey K and Jonah, HOT 101.7, Santa Rosa, CA were gabbing about how long the drive thru takes when getting coffee in the morning.  So, we decided to test things by going to one and timing waiting in your car to order and pick up your coffee verses going in.  This is relatable content being done in a very memorable way.  It also has an element to it where listeners are glued to the radio to see how it ends, as they’ve considered it before, too.

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