Great breaks achieve a positive strategic goal back to the show. They communicate, both in content and presentation, something about the show plot. Breaks which score are real, relevant, and fun. They earn you valuable images. Here are some breaks by Reynolds Group shows which achieve this.

WGFB The Driver’s License

Sean & MichelleOne of the few kinds of content which cannot be duplicated by a competitor is personal experience content.  It also might be the best content to do because it defines the characters on the show and is the most authentic to creating loyalty and an “I feel like I know them” vibe between the talent and listener.  Sean and Michelle, on Lite Rock B103, Rockford, IL did a simple, yet highly effective character-building break when they talked to Michelle’s son about getting his driver’s license.  How many moms do you think were in the audience nodding their heads up and down laughing at this exchange?

WQYK Valentine’s Day Song

Dave & VeronicaHow better to use as content a guy’s inability to buy anything other than roses and chocolates for his wife on Valentines Day than by doing a custom song from him to her?  Dave and Veronica on WQYK, Tampa invited in couples looking to celebrate the holiday.  We found out lots of personal stuff about the wife from the couple and then did a very custom song as a Valentine’s Day gift.  The break below is a great example of how you do unique and innovative content that is both memorable and cannot be duplicated.

Angry or Acting

Karson & KennedyKarson & Kennedy at MIX 104,1 Boston went out and rented DVDs for an afternoon.  They were in search of scenes in Mel Gibson movies where his character got angry.  They set those aside and edited some of his ugly phone calls to Oksana for a fun game called “Angry or Acting”.  They played an audio clip for a listener who had to determine if Mel was acting angry or actually angry.  It’s fun and here it is!

Nick Calls Mel Gibson on Skype

Rollin' With Nick CannonWith the Mel Gibson story front and center, NOW, New York City’s Nick Cannon decided he wanted to get into a new profession to help Mel.  So as an anger management counselor, Nick rang Mel up on Skype for a little conversation!  Innovation is what makes shows unique.  Here’s a great example of an idea no one else thought of that made Nick stand out in that moment, creating an environment where listeners would come back for more because they had so much fun hearing this.

WNKS "Cassidy Not Invited to the Wedding"

Drex & Maney MorningsWhat radio has over all other forms of media is that it’s personal.  That level of intimacy helps create a bond with the audience that makes them loyal.  Recently, Cassidy, on Drex and Maney, KISS 95.1, Charlotte, admitted to the audience that she was not being invited to the wedding of a close friend.  The honesty and vulnerability of that story defines Cassidy and creates a level of empathy from listeners that is very valuable.  Here are the two breaks they did – one the story, the other listener’s reaction.

Charles Kelly 60 Seconds

Tony & KrisA fun way we end all artist interviews on syndicated country show Tony & Kris is a feature called “60 Seconds”.  The guys throw questions at the artist in rapid fire form, asking them to answer with the first thing that hits them.  All the questions are personal so they reveal themselves.  In the process, we find out some inside stuff about the artist and arm ourselves with fresh places to go the next time we talk with them.

KFGY "Famous Seconds"

Rob & JossThe morning of the Vice Presidential debate in October, Rob and Joss, Froggy 92.9, Santa Rosa, CA did something very clever.  They gave a political civics quiz to two people who were second-in-command where they worked.  This works because it plays off the theme of the day, uses appropriate trivia, and is done in a way where listeners can play along in their cars on the way to work.

Know Your Celebrity Rants (Audio)

Karson & KennedyWith the slow drip of damning Mel Gibson audio out, Karson & Kennedy at MIX 104.1, Boston decided to bring out audio of other celebrities having meltdowns.  They did a game called, “Know Your Celebrity Rants”.  Despite the fact that the contestant seemed stumped, imagine people at home or in their cars laughing and playing along to all these great audio drops.

WBEB Jimmy Rollins

Tiffany & MichaelThe goal of any interview with a celebrity is to humanize them from the start.  Stars come on because they’re promoting something.  Humanizing them makes listeners more receptive to the sales job at the end.  Jimmy Rollins plays for the Philadelphia Phillies and is a huge local star. Coming on to promote his charity event, listen to the things Tiffany and Michael, B101, Philadelphia talk with him about to create fun and make him a real person.

WQYK Chemistry

Dave & VeronicaThe audio posted this week has been chosen for one specific reason – to show you how chemistry plays a role in creating fun and an environment listeners want to be around. Listeners can tell if the team likes each other.  Here’s Dave and Veronica at WQYK, Tampa just playing around with each other when a listener called.  You can’t fake chemistry.  The audience knows if it’s real or not.  Show your playfulness and listeners will want to wake up with you because they feel a part of your team.

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