B101, Philadelphia Michael Gets Thanksgiving Chores To Do

Let’s play off stereotypes for this week’s audio:  guys don’t do any work around the Thanksgiving meal.  They neither cook, clean, nor offer anything else.  With that stereotype out of the way, here’s a classic piece of audio from Tiffany and Michael, B101, Philadelphia.  Holidays are a time of family gatherings, in groups large and small.  We know that strategic character development almost always happens when we put family members of the cast on the show and get them to bring us inside the relationship.  Real works and this is real.  Here’s family man, devoted husband, all-around great guy and cast member Michael Chew getting assigned the list of things he needs to do around the house from his wife, Nancy.  To effectively define your character, the audience must see themselves in the story that you tell, you must add dimension to the break (this is what Nancy does – she brings the real and the room plays with it), and at its end, the typical listener must say the cast member is just like them.  This accomplishes all of that.