B105, Cincinnati Luke or Dare

Two of the regular items that bear themselves out when you talk with listeners is that they want fast moving breaks, with multiple parts to keep their attention.  And that the sweet spot for length is about three minutes with rare exceptions.  Enter The Big Dave Show, B105, Cincinnati who prep their breaks accordingly.  Here’s a nice, compact break with two major elements around the Luke Bryan tickets the show has for giveaway:  Part One in Luke or Dare is the team offering a trivia question to a caller – if they answer it correctly they get the tickets.  Or they have to accept the dare, which is Part Two.  Listen to this break and note how quickly it moves – they never give the audience a chance to get lulled into restlessness because of its pacing – it was prepped for this.  There is launch/set-up, execution, and payoff all within three minutes, leaving the audience wanting more verses fatiguing them by staying too long.  Which leads to a third important point:  if you have something to give out, spend more time figuring out how to give away the prize because how you do it is the win for those just tuning in, wanting to have a good time.