B105, Cincinnati Out With Ashley

When introducing a new cast member to the audience, it’s always most efficient and effective to do so with a regular feature the new person does – this will quickly define that talent and set their sense of humor for the audience.  It should not be their only contribution to the show, but highlighting this one thing will help them.  We recently added a new member to the team at The Big Dave Show, B105, Cincinnati.  Wanting to cover off the younger end of the demo, we chose Ashley, who’d been working in the sales department, who electrified the halls.  One of the ways in which we were not doing content was having fun with listeners on the streets.  So we added Out With Ashley as the feature that could both give us content in that style, and showcase Ashley’s very quick laugh and sense of humor.  She heads out on the streets (think Leno) to talk with Cincinnati residents about a variety of silly topics in a feature we’re calling Out With Ashley.  In the episode below, Ashley is talking to a few hair stylists she knows in something we’re calling Salon Confidential, where they trade fun stories about clients.