Brian and Chrissy, WGNA, Albany Pigskin Picks

We must stay true to ourselves if authenticity will ever rule.  Authenticity is an overused word for being real.  At its foundation, you must know yourself and find in that a comfort that when being honest with the audience, while you might find detractors, you stand a greater chance to move listeners from the like-to-love category.  Brian and Chrissy, WGNA, Albany excel at real.  There is a comfort with them which makes them friends.  They had opportunity last year at this time to talk with country artist, Jimmie Allen.  What are Jimmie’s passions?  What could they talk with him about to showcase his authenticity?  How about football?  They didn’t do the standard Q and A some shows do (lazy).  They researched Jimmie to find an angle for the content break that would compliment the “real” of their show.  Here comes Jimmie Allen, a singer few in their audience really know because Jimmie is new and on the ascent, with his predictions for that week’s NFL match-ups.  That Brian and Chrissy also like the sport and chose their favorite teams, the break radiated fun because everyone was emotionally involved.