Building Loyalty in a Disloyal World

This quote from a New York Times article captured me: 

“In an accelerated culture, our loyalties toward just about everything — laundry detergents, celebrities, even churches and spouses — transfer more readily than our grandparents could have imagined. Now we dispose of phone carriers and cash-back credit cards from one month to the next, forever in search of some better deal. Forget the staying power of an institution like Johnny Carson; when Jay Leno starts to feels a little stale, he is shifted to prime time, then shifted back to late night.” 

My take: We, as consumers, are less and less loyal to brands that don’t deliver a positive experience each and every moment. That includes morning radio, which is why we impress on shows how imperative it is to re-design their program to better play to an audience that’d rather text and tweet to communicate than do anything long-form (aka “a conversation”). 

Remember, evolution serves those best able to adapt.


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