FLY 98.5, Ft. Myers is Getting Sued

There are two universal topics that always work on any show, regardless of format:  relationships and sex talk.  A story that caught the attention of Jason and Michelle, FLY 98.5, Ft. Myers, FL was that is being sued by a blind person for discrimination.  A gentleman who can’t see is suing them because he can’t enjoy the site.  Frivolous and silly, but breaks about sex (as long as they fit your format) always cut through.  The team perfectly executes this break by establishing the topic, succinctly framing the drama for those who don’t know, adding in a caller for commentary, then building to an unexpected payoff for the audience – what the porn site would sound like if it had a voice-activated element for those who could not see the pictures.  Set up, details, payoff – great breaks execute the Three Act Play, if you will.  Breaks need payoffs to keep them memorable and this team put that work in once they found the story for the audience.