Hawkeye in the Morning, KSCS, Dallas, What Madeline Knows About the Super Bowl

I can’t emphasize enough that if you have fun with a topic, especially one cut from today’s headlines, that it opens the break up to the person least interested in the topic you’re discussing.  The Super Bowl was a quite universal topic two weeks ago.  And there were lots of angles, as I am sure you approached it.  Hawkeye from Hawkeye in the Morning, KSCS, Dallas has a most entertaining wife who is as comfortable being honest on the show as he and his partner, Connect K, are.  Madeline knows little about football and knew not much more about the Super Bowl.  So instead of the typical diet of sub-topics, one that they did was playing audio of Hawkeye talking with her about the game.  Listeners are draw to honesty and inside honesty is the most natural sense of humor.  Hear his effortless back and forth with her on this break and then see your relationship in their relationship.  This hits many levels:  character development, a reflection of a topic of the day, and it’s fun.