Indie 88, Toronto Your Parents and Sex

Creating discomfort when doing content is one way to make the break memorable.  Adding in sex or nudity also gets the attention of the audience (if that tactic fits your brand).  As a weekly Valentine’s Day feature a few weeks ago, The Josie Dye Show, Indie 88, Toronto gave prizes to listeners who’d allow them to conference in their parents to ask where they first had sex when they met.  The thesis generates intrigue.  But the show knew it couldn’t ask listeners to go there (calling their parents publicly to ask that question) unless they were willing to do it, too.  So, Josie called her mom to ask the big question, generating not only a very human reaction, but wonderful character development for her.  From that starting point, the listeners were in on the task, and the show was off to the races to create a memorable Valentine’s Day idea that made listeners lean forward when they did it.  Here are two breaks of Josie calling her mom and a listener following suit.