John and Tammy, KSON, San Diego Final 2020 Lifestyle Advice from a Vegan

One of my favorite new features in 2020 came from John and Tammy, KSON, San Diego.  All content must be relevant and the best content is fun (or done with the intent to make you laugh or feel better).  I always add major bonus points when something is developed so specific to that show, no one else can do it.  One of John’s daughters is a vegan.  When she comes to visit, his life changes dramatically because he has to buy different food for the house and try different things for meals.  That tension is what makes this a great feature when Abby arrives called Lifestyle Advice From a Vegan.  No other show can do this because it happens only to John and only when Abby arrives.  That’s what makes this very authentic and funny.  John writes the script so he can poke a lot at himself (he’s quite self-deprecating, which works here), asks Abby to read it as though she wrote it (he doesn’t allow her to pre-read the scripts so you hear her smiling or laughing as she says certain things), and then he adds an appropriate music bed.  All around, I am getting to know John (character development) and the bit allows the show to display it’s quite genuine sense of humor.  Here is the last installment of the feature from 2020.