Karson & Kennedy, MIX 104.1, Boston The Tooth Fairy

Karson & KennedyWe preach to all shows that it’s what you do with a topic that makes it resonate.  Your imagination gets you noticed,  Enter the tooth fairy on Karson and Kennedy, MIX 104.1, Boston!  Karson’s young son Barrett called the hotline one morning to tell his father that he knew it was him who took his lost tooth and left five dollars under the pillow that morning instead of the tooth fairy.  Both Barrett and Karson’s wife, Lana, were trapped, not knowing what to do.  Here’s where their imagination took over.  They aired the call, then, magically, the tooth fairy was listening and they deployed her to call Barrett back to cover for them.  The tooth fairy knew all about Barrett’s room (geez, I wonder how!) and to tell him that she asked his father to cover because she’d been very busy.  Never a wacky radio bit, this came from real life.  It’s totally relatable, story-based, true, with a touch of imagination to capture the attention of the audience and make it memorable.  What you do with the topic you choose is paramount to doing distinctive radio that you will own.