KBZT, San Diego Jayson and His Movers

It’s really important when a cast member tells a story about any experience they have (or will have) that you include the other people in the story in telling it on the show.  Dana and Jayson, KBZT, San Diego understand to make stories full and complete that using your break time with other colorful characters helps the story come alive even more and, it gives the principles (them) more to play with.  Jayson was moving.  A relatable, common occurrence.  What kind of person is Jayson during this chore?  How did he take care of those who helped?  What is their take on Jayson and his emotional state during a task no one likes?  There are so many questions – don’t limit yourself to just your perspective (or the one perspective of the person who endured it).  Add drama through twists and turns, by inviting in others who’ll add some level of tension that will make the story more fun to tell and more fun to hear.